The Centaur Chiron by Louis Jean (source: Fine Art America)

The sun enters Sagittarius this evening.

Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur. However, a specific centaur named Chiron represents the sign in mythology. I explain that story quite thoroughly in my new book, so if you are not familiar with it, what’s your problem? Click the link above and buy my book, already!

With a stellium in Scorpio defining the character of the last few weeks, the unbridled energy of Sagittarius should make this feel like a major cosmic shift. Events that have been occurring behind the scenes will suddenly find themselves exposed by the light of day. Public platforms will replace covert meetings in the back room. Shouting will drown out the whispers. Ideologues will make a last-ditch effort to get their way, hypocritically compromising their ideals in the process.

This all will lead up to the annual sun/Saturn conjunction on December 21, just after both planets enter Capricorn. Until then, expect the loudmouths of the world to continue to be louder than ever. As I’ve mentioned a few times over the past couple of weeks, we’re in a rather Karmic period with all the planetary action occurring in Scorpio. Even though the sun is moving out of the sign, both Venus and Jupiter remain there. Venus exits the sign in a couple of weeks, but Mars takes its place shortly afterward.

When that happens, expect to see more of the same sort of defensive posturing we’ve witnessed from public figures who have been caught with their figurative pants down. Yet the element of mob-mentality justice may reign supreme for a few days until the sun and Saturn meet in stabilizing Capricorn. I can see some bad things happening in the world during from December 10 through December 19. I can see the people who have been proven to be in-the-wrong lashing out in a destructive manner. Sagittarius natives often fight with no regard for the consequences. Sure, they apologize two seconds later, but the damage is already done. That sort of energy will prevail during these ten days.

I think it’s going to be a rough month for a lot of people. My advice? For the next few weeks, don’t stick your neck out for a cause you believe in if you are not willing to deal with the whiplash. The sort of injuries you are likely to endure will stick with you for the rest of your life. Ask yourself if you are ready to get hurt just to prove a point. Honestly, I don’t believe that most of you are.

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