Isabella Blow (source: Vogue)

Yesterday, I was looking up celebrities born on November 19 and I came upon the birthday of Gene Tierney. I decided to profile the actress knowing barely anything about her. After concluding that her Pisces moon probably contributed to her problems with mental illness, I didn’t think much more about it.

Today, I realized that I missed writing-up a profile of Isabella Blow (something I had promised on this blog a few days ago). I knew that the fashion icon also had a Pisces moon, but it slipped my mind yesterday.

I don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype that Pisces is the “crazy” sign. However, when you come across these commonalities in the charts you interpret, what else are you supposed to think?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a birth time for Isabella Blow. If I did, I wouldn’t be surprised if she shared a Gemini rising sign with Gene Tierney. That layout would also have something in common with the chart of a friend of mine who has struggled with the same issues that contributed to the death of Isabella Blow. I remember discussing my friend’s condition with a mutual friend who knew Blow quite well. She told me that everyone knew when Blow wasn’t taking her medication, but no one could do anything about it because Blow herself felt empowered when she was in a manic state. If you expressed concern, she would feel as if you were working against her — exactly like my friend with similar chart influences.

That paranoia is a terrible thing. I just spent a few weeks with Mars in my twelfth house and I was uncharacteristically paranoid the entire time — not a normal state of affairs for me. It made me think about these people who live their entire lives with the idea that others are actively working against them. I suppose this twelfth house/Pisces/Gemini influence combines paranoid thinking with thinking too much. Add some inherent Scorpio suspicion to the mix, and you’ve got a crazy friend who won’t take advice from anyone.

The story of Isabella Blow is a sad one. I’ve read that a couple of movies about her life are in production. I wonder if they’ll end up portraying her as a maverick or a madwoman? Frankly, her chart reveals that she was a bit of both.

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