Erdem (source: Matches)

November 10 is Erdem’s birthday.

I like Erdem a lot. In my new book, I compare him to Giorgio Armani. There’s a reason for that. While Armani is a Cancer and Erdem is a Scorpio, they share something that is a rare commodity in the world of fashion: a sense of caution. As a Capricorn, that appeals to me. I’m more likely to disparage the work of someone who exhibits reckless abandon in their creative output. The rest of you can have Marc Jacobs; I’ll take Erdem any day.

Anyway, Erdem’s influence in fashion is everywhere at the moment. The dark, romantic floral prints that have become his signature are a key trend this fall. That makes sense because this fall is a very Scorpionic season. Of course, the sun is in the sign, but Venus and Jupiter are there, too.

Erdem’s own chart indicates reveals a very Scorpionic character, too, with the sun, the moon, Venus and Uranus all in the sign. Thankfully, Mercury in Sagittarius lightens up his approach somewhat. If it was in Scorpio, I could see him devoting his talents to something else, like surgery. He possesses an investigatory nature, but with an external focus that makes him eager to share his creative output with a like-minded audience.

I see good things in his chart for the next year or so. He’s on a roll right now, and if you don’t know who he is, you probably will by the time 2018 draws to a close.

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