Simon Doonan (source: Barneys)

October 30 is Simon Doonan’s birthday.

I like Simon Doonan a lot. I’ve bought his books in the past and I’ve interviewed him for the Canadian press. He is a charming man. I even forgive him for stealing my shtick with his “horoscopes” on the Barney’s website last year. You know that you’re not dealing with a real astrologer when they list the signs according to the calendar year. Everyone know that Aries goes first, especially the Aries natives who will never let you forget it.

Anyway, I decided to have a look at his chart. In all likelihood, he has an Aries moon (the moon moved into Aries early in the morning on the day he was born). He also has Venus in Sagittarius. Those two chart factors are quite revealing. Before he ever got into “fashion,” he was into punk. In my new book, I discuss both Aries and Sagittarius as the “anti-fashion” signs.

With no birth time, I cannot ascertain the rising sign —  so I need to speculate. Like Simon Doonan, I adore a floral print. I associate the darker, more-romantic floral prints with Scorpio. Yet Doonan seems to wear the sort of garden-variety floral that I prefer. In fact, we sort of dress alike. For that reason, I’m going to guess that he has a Cancer rising sign. That could potentially put Uranus in his first house, and that would explain why the man worships “Eccentric Glamour.”

Whatever the case, he’s a treasure. With so many bitchy, rotten people working in the business, he’s a breath of fresh air. There aren’t a lot of Scorpios I can say that about!

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