Winona Ryder (source: World of Wonder)

October 29 is Winona Ryder’s birthday.

In my new book, I discuss goth style throughout the Scorpio chapter. When I finally get around to the celebrity profiles, I cite Winona Ryder’s appearance in “Beetlejuice” as a transformative moment in modern fashion history. She was a huge inspiration to the girls of her generation: the princess of the goths.

I get why goth style is associated with Scorpio. However, I often go out of my way to admonish the sort of people who dress as if it’s Halloween every day of the year. A fascination with the darkness doesn’t mean that you need to look like a corpse.

Marilyn Manson may be a Capricorn, but he is one of the standard-bearers of this style. He does have both Mars and Neptune in Scorpio in his natal chart, so I can see where the goth influence comes from. Incidentally, his sun is 1″ away from my natal sun — the closest I’ve even seen in any celebrity chart. We’re practically twins! However, his Leo rising has made him choose a personal style that ensures the spotlight stays on him (I discuss Leonine iconoclasm throughout that chapter of my book).

Anyway, at the peak of his career, Manson didn’t just show up to every interview looking like a corpse. He embraced fashion in a way that knocked my socks off. I remember seeing him in the Much Music studios in Toronto in a rusty orange and baby blue ensemble that permanently transformed my opinion of how to wear color stylishly. It honestly marked a turning point in the way I applied my critical faculties.

That’s how Scorpios — or people with Scorpionic charts — operate. Winona Ryder influenced an entire generation of kids with her “Beetlejuice” wardrobe by making them realize how pretty the darkness could be. It’s a talent you Scorpions have, and something you should never take for granted.

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