Details of Renaissance Paintings (Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus) by Andy Warhol (source: Christie’s)

Venus moves into my first house tomorrow for a three week stay. I have to say that I’m relieved. All this action in my twelfth house has left me feeling rather vulnerable and a little paranoid. Don’t get me wrong — some great things have happened. I put out my book after more than two years of working hard to get it finished. It’s an accomplishment!

Nevertheless, I want to feel as if I’ve hit the ground running, and that’s not happening. I’ve had some good press already. Just last week I did a TV show, had an article appear in the newspaper of the city where I live, and I appeared at a big trade show as a guest speaker. I also sent out some promo copies of my book to a few fashion magazines who should be receiving them right about now.

Cafe Astrology uses the word “hibernation” to describe Venus’ transit through the twelfth. I suppose that word is apt because I feel as if I’m almost ready to take on the world, yet I know that the astrological climate isn’t quite right for my debut. I had originally chosen this week to publish my book, citing Venus’ ingress into my first house as a good time to show my face to the public. However, some other favorable aspects made me reconsider that choice. I don’t regret publishing “Star Struck Style” three weeks ago, but it’s been annoying sitting around since then, wondering what I should do next.

Venus in the first house should change that. It should lend me some confidence in my public persona and my abilities in general. What’s more, it is supposed to make others look at me in a more-favorable light. It should also help me on a personal level with self-improvement. I’ve gained about ten pounds since I quit my job in June. I’ve been lifting weights a lot, but I know that I’ve fattened-up, too. A little cosmic push to slim back down wouldn’t hurt me.

Now the only planet remaining in my twelfth house is Mars. It will be interesting to see if my paranoia dissipates once Venus moves onward, or if it just changes in character. I still might be in this boat through mid-November when a bunch of big changes in my stars occur simultaneously. I hope it does change tomorrow, though. If this is what it feels like to be a Pisces, they can have it.

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