Venus (source: Wikipedia)

Venus moved into Libra this morning. Venus is at home in the sign, and for the next eight days she is going to spend her time hanging new drapes, lighting scented candles and streaming classic Enya tracks on Spotify.

Until her obnoxious boyfriend, Mars, moves in late next week, this is a good time for you to make things nice for yourself. It’s also a propitious time to be nice to other people. Jupiter’s entrance into Karmic Scorpio earlier this week will make us all painfully aware that our conduct has consequences over the next thirteen months. People won’t forget the shitty things you do, so don’t do shitty things. It’s all going to come back to you.

Venus rules over harmony. If you want harmony in your own life, you probably need to give as much as you take. This is a great week to give while both Venus and the sun transit Libra. When Mars enters the sign on October 22, it will be a little more difficult for you to focus on being nice because the red planet will make you question the motives of everyone who is being nice to you. Mars is at its detriment in Libra. It’s where his aggressive behavior becomes passive/aggressive. That’s going be a theme through mid-December.

Just remember that Jupiter in Scorpio means that most everyone can see right through your bullshit at the moment, whether they say it to your face or not. People will be feeling vindictive for the next thirteen months, but like Scorpions, they’ll lurk in the darkness until they know it’s the right time to use their stingers. So, as the year draws to a close, don’t be so sure that you can get away with murder. Someone else may be plotting your demise. In the meantime, just smile and be thankful for this brief cosmic respite.

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