Da Brat, Mariah Carey & Missy Elliott (source: phillymixtape.co)

Well, I guess it’s time to announce that I’m back. After spending a long, long time putting together my new book, the only way to ensure that it will pay off is to devote myself entirely to my writing career for the next few months.

Astrologically, it’s a great time for me to throw caution to the wind and follow this path. Mercury enters my first house today, the sun follows on its heels tomorrow, and Jupiter moves into Scorpio tomorrow, as well. The planet of abundance and opportunity is already in my first house.

I suppose that all the action in my twelfth house has caused me to become a little self-reflective over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, I thought might be a good idea to see what I’ve written about since I began blogging under this domain name. I went all the way back to the beginning to re-read every post I have written. I came to the conclusion that I have nothing to be embarrassed about. My sense of self-confidence can vacillate between extremes, but the clarity afforded to me by these current cosmic configurations has me believing that I’m terrific at what I do.

Right now I feel as if I’m Lana Turner sitting at the counter of the Top Hat Café just waiting to be discovered. Maybe all this planetary action in my twelfth house has me deluded, or maybe it has me feeling psychic. In either case, I’m ready to take on all these other astrologers who can’t write an entertaining horoscope to save their lives.

On that note, if you are one of the editors that I have pitched my projects to over the past few days, please take some time to read this blog. Hopefully, it will make you reconsider both the astrologers you have been hiring and the sort of astrology columns and articles you have been publishing. Perhaps there is something better in your stars. You won’t know until you talk to me.

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