Hanne Gaby Odiele (source: Vogue)

I promised that I would be a better blogger now that my book is done. I figured that I would start by looking at the celebrity birthdays to see if any fashion personalities were born today, and look who I found!

October 8 is Hanne Gaby Odiele’s birthday. I don’t know much about her personally, but I did discover that she once got hit by a car and broke both her legs. Yikes! She’s Belgian, too. I thought that she was from the Netherlands.

Hanne is a favorite of street-style photographers, but I wasn’t getting Libra vibes from her personal sense of style. I looked up her chart and of course she has both the moon and Venus in Virgo. I get that I-know-better-than-you Virgo thing from Hanne. Libra individuals usually don’t get accused of trying too hard. Hanne doesn’t either, but that’s because she’s hanging out in fashion circles where they like to applaud each other for trying hard. Still, she’s pretty cool.

In late November, she will experience her Saturn return. What’s interesting to me is that Saturn and Uranus were conjunct when she was born, so when Saturn hits that degree, she should experience some abrupt, life-changing events. Maybe she’ll kill Alexander Wang for making her wear that awful bra. No jury in the world would convict her . . .

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