Jody Watley (source:

January 30 is Jody Watley’s birthday.

Jody Watley has the sort of natal chart that makes me wince. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the amount of aspects created by having several planets sitting within a couple of degrees of the sign’s cusps makes it difficult to interpret.

The job of a good astrologer is to decide which chart elements take precedence. It’s tough to do without a birth time. It’s even worse when almost every planet forms several aspects — and close aspects, too.

I believe that the worst astrologers have no idea how to establish priorities when examining a natal chart. They’ll go off on a tangent about some aspect that everyone born in the same season is likely to possess. But even good astrologers can get sidelined by a chart that offers too much. I look at Jody Watley’s chart and I ask myself “Where do I even start?”

I won’t start. Until Jody Watley drops me a line to let me know what time she was born, she’s on her own.

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