Oprah (source: oprah.com)

The sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. I’ve posted a photo of the world’s most famous Aquarius native instead of the traditional depiction of the water-bearer. I suppose that cup of tea in Oprah’s hand provides a suitable alternative, anyway.

Aquarius is probably the toughest sign to pin down for astrologers. There is an inherent dualism to the sign reflected in the symbol that defines it. The two sets of waves represent something above and something below. Many astrologers view the symbol as something that describes a higher nature and a lower nature. I like that analogy.

Aquarius also has two ruling planets. Traditionally, Saturn ruled over Aquarius. When Uranus was discovered, it was deemed the sign’s ruling planet by modern astrologers. While I appreciate the sentiment behind assigning modern rulerships, I usually go back to the traditional planets when I write up profiles of sun signs. That’s a little more difficult to do with Aquarius because I see the lower version of the waves represented in the glyph as the Saturnine version of Aquarius, and I see the higher version as representative of the Uranian version of Aquarius. They can be this or they can be that. Often they are both.

However, the biggest problem astrologers face when trying to describe Aquarius natives is that Aquarius represents the detriment of the sun. It’s the weakest sun sign position and therefore the sun position that is least likely to define its natives when stronger chart factors dominate.

Oprah, for example, represents the best qualities of her sun sign, but she’s an exception. She not only has an Aquarius sun, but she also has Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. She has a strong tenth-house Saturn and the aforementioned stellium in the second house, too. No wonder she’s a zillionaire!

I’ll probably discuss her a little more when her birthday arrives. For now, I need to wrap my head around a few other things. The recent Mercury retrograde happened right overtop my third-house natal Mercury. For about a month, I just wasn’t getting anywhere with my new book. Now I’m blazing forward and almost ready to begin the Capricorn chapter. I’ve got 75,000 words in the tank. 25,000 more to go.

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