Tippi Hedren (source: fact.co.uk)

January 19 is Tippi Hedren’s birthday.

There is a traditional association between the sign of Capricorn, the planet Saturn and the corvids: the crow family of birds. For that reason, it’s interesting that Alfred Hitchcock cast a Capricorn to star alongside these magnificent creatures in the film “The Birds.” But he didn’t just cast a Capricorn. He cast Tippi Hedren, who has the sun, Venus, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, with her ruling planet nearly conjunct her ascending degree from the twelfth house.

I like crows, too. I stop and talk to them while I’m walking to the gym. I used to buy these scrap meat balls covered in bird seed from a local grocery store just to watch the crows and magpies go wild when they discovered them in the snow. I get excited every time I see a crow out of season (a few brave ones hang around here in winter instead of flying south). I remember being on a plane one time where I saw a gigantic flock of migrating crows out the window somewhere over Utah. I excitedly tried to tell the other passengers what they were looking at, knowing that crows migrate in flocks of 20,000-50,000, but most of them thought I was crazy. I even trained some blue jays once to come to my window and ask me for peanuts in the morning. Blue jays are corvids, too.

It’s kind of a weird obsession, but I feel like I’ve got something in common with them. Yet other people feel the same way about cats or dogs, so I don’t think it’s so odd. I do find it strange that Tippi Hedren herself ended up having a love/hate relationship with a Leo director, and then moved onto a project working with lions and other big cats that ultimately took over her life. I’ve had some love/hate relationships with Leo individuals, too, where our gigantic egos eventually clashed. Maybe things would have been different if she had stuck to crows . . .

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