Christian Louboutin (source: Daily Mail)

January 7 is Christian Louboutin’s birthday.

I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday because it was my birthday. I worked on New Year’s Day in order to take yesterday off, and it was a wonderful decision. I bought myself a Missoni shirt on Mr. Porter and then took myself out for beer and nachos. It was perfect!

Anyway, back to Mr. Louboutin. I’ve never looked at his chart before. When I first clicked onto his Wikipedia biography I was struck by the fact that he had once quit fashion to work in the gardening business. When my writing career tanked a few years back, I did the exact same thing. I tried to launch my own landscaping consulting company while also becoming a board member of the local horticultural society. I sold a few features to gardening magazines and worked in a greenhouse, too. It seemed like a valid option at the time, but I had more people interested in hiring me to dig holes than to tell them what to plant. It became a chore working for clients who wanted to have my beautiful garden without all the work.

So I gave that up and attempted to get back into fashion. I’m still attempting to get back into fashion. When Mr. Louboutin made his comeback, he became an icon in the fashion business. Capricorn is the sign often referred to as “the comeback kid.” We’re supposed to be like mountain goats who lose their footing on occasion, but never give up their instinct to keep climbing.

I feel like that. What’s interesting to me is that Mr. Louboutin shares so much with me astrologically. We both have a Libra rising, a Capricorn sun, a cardinal moon, a third house Mercury, a fourth house Venus in Aquarius, Neptune in Scorpio in the second house and both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the eleventh house. Sure, there are differences, but there are also tons of similarities.

As I try to resurrect my own career as a very specialized specialist, I’m inspired by Christian Louboutin and his career trajectory. It seems that we’re a lot alike. Plus I would totally wear that tie he is wearing in the photo above. If that doesn’t prove that astrology is real, then I don’t know what will!

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