Lucy Liu (source: Style Frizz)

December 2 is Lucy Liu’s birthday.

I adore Lucy Liu. I admit that I don’t really have much of an interest in her show “Elementary,” but I often watch it just to see what she’s wearing. I’m not sure if the actress herself has any input in what the wardrobe department chooses for her character, but if she does, good for her.

I can’t really think of another TV character that I associate with a particular style — at least not on a scripted show. When I see an outfit on a runway or in a look book, I might actually say to myself “That’s something Joan Watson would wear.”

Now would Joan Watson wear the Carolina Herrera floral gown in the photo I’ve posted above? Maybe! I can’t imagine that someone like Lucy Liu wouldn’t learn a few tricks from the people who dress her for television. Sagittarius natives are not only the educators of the zodiacs, but they are also eager learners who are always attempting to expand their own horizons. With her natal moon in Taurus, Lucy Liu is able to adopt a very open-minded approach to fashion while keeping her feet on the ground. She never looks like a creation of her stylist’s imagination or a fantasy of what fashion is supposed to be. There’s something adventurous about her look, but also something down-to-earth. She does have three planets in Libra; perhaps that’s why she strikes such a perfect balance with what could otherwise be a discordant sun/moon combination.

Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about her. She strikes a chord with me in a way that few other celebrities do.

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