Mars (source:

Three big celestial events occur over the next couple of days. First of all, the sun caught up with Jupiter this morning. That’s an event that happens about once a year. It signals the expression of exuberance and enthusiasm, but it can be a license for some people to go overboard. It’s likely that we’ll see those energies used in a very passive/aggressive manner because the conjunction is occurring in passive/aggressive Libra. There’s a big presidential debate on American TV tonight. I imagine that much of what is going to be said will verge on slanderous territory.

Pluto turns direct in Capricorn today or tomorrow, too. The planet is stuck dead center in Capricorn, right on top of my natal sun. Supposedly, I should be undergoing a transformation while this is occurring. You know what? I feel as if I am. The sun/Jupiter conjunction I just mentioned is happening in my twelfth house. I feel as if I’m ready to burst out of my skin because I know that the book I’m writing is really good. I want to show it to the world and start up where I left off when I abandoned my writing career several years ago. But I also know that I’m not ready. I had a professional opportunity come up a couple of weeks ago that I was able to defer because of my present circumstances. Yet I felt lucky to put it off until Jupiter moves into my first house. Jupiter will actually be making a retrograde conjunction to my ascending degree when this all comes up again in springtime. At the moment, lurking in the shadows is my best move.

Deferring that opportunity may not have been as easy this week as it was last week. Mars is about to move into Capricorn. Sometime this evening or early tomorrow morning, the red planet will enter my sun sign for a seven-week stay. It should contribute some much-needed energy to my constitution (I have been enjoying sitting on the couch way too much lately), but that energy is typically accompanied by impulsiveness. Mars is actually exalted in Capricorn. Its recklessness is put into check, but not entirely. Sometimes a Capricorn like me needs a cosmic kick in the ass in order to get ahead. That’s what Mars does. It reminds the general (Saturn) that he was once a soldier (Mars) who got things done. I can be remarkably pokey in the way I adapt to things. That’s one of the reasons that I didn’t weather the storm when the US publishing industry crashed in 2006/2007.

Hopefully, this combination of changes in the cosmos will mean good things for me. I’ve felt that change is in the air, and the past couple of weeks have confirmed that for me. I just have to keep plugging along so that this book is finished if any more opportunities present themselves. And I have to jump on them if they do arise. If there has ever been a time for me to throw caution to the wind, it’s right now.

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