Flab (source: bbc.com)

So, I weighed myself at the gym twice this past week, just a day before Friday’s full moon and then two days after the full moon. As I expected, I weighed much less than I did two weeks before. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was a whopping 197.4 lbs during the new moon. I weighed 192.8 lbs on both Thursday and Sunday. That’s almost a five pound loss!

It’s really not a big deal: five pounds is around 2.5% of my body weight. But I do feel it when it’s on me. The new moon bloat I discussed is real. I even sweat less in my classes. It’s also interesting that I’m way more likely to feel a twinge of joint pain in my knees when I’m in that bloated state. I had a sore knee two weeks ago. I rarely have sore knees. I’m always bragging that I have the knees of a mountain goat, which makes sense because I’m a Capricorn.

Anyway, I had the past week off work. While I should have been writing more and trying to finish up the Scorpio chapter of my new book, I spent a lot of time sitting on my ass. I actually had a bit of a cold and needed the extra rest, so I don’t feel guilty about it. Yesterday, however, I returned to work feeling terrific and quite a bit thinner than I’ve felt in a while. I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I suspect that I probably weigh the same amount I always weigh. As I mentioned before, I’ve discovered that my actual weight has very little to do with the way I feel in my clothes. Once I made that connection, I started to feel a lot better in my clothes.

Perhaps now that Jupiter has moved out of Virgo, I might stop eating so much. Virgo is my solar ninth house of growth, so growing fatter may have been in my stars. Jupiter is now in Libra, my tenth house. The tenth house is associated with career. If I publish my book and start getting the sort of gigs I got when my first book came out, I’m going to need to be thinner. The camera adds ten pounds, after all! Honestly, I’m getting too old to care about that sort of thing. I do like how I feel when I’m thinner, though, so I’ve got nothing to lose if I try to slim down a bit. Well, except for some flab . . .

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