Limelight Hydrangea (source: Spring Meadow Nursery)

The title of my horoscope for tomorrow is “In the Limelight.” The computer-generated forecast is referring to Mars’ conjunction with my midheaven that occurs at 12:51 tomorrow afternoon:

“At this time you are very certain who you are, and you are not about to let anyone tell you otherwise. You may express this energy as a strong desire to work, and indeed this is an excellent time for work, especially if you get the credit for it. This is not a good time to work behind the scenes for someone else. You are likely to have serious conflicts with anyone who tries to take credit for what you have done. If your employers do not give you adequate scope, you may very well feel very angry toward them. Beware of acting impulsively or from purely egotistical motives. While it is necessary to assert yourself, don’t overdo it. You will only provoke opposition from people who try to cut you down. Carefully planned activity, however, can bring you great success.”

I’m excited to have Mars move into the part of my chart associated with ambition. I haven’t been that ambitious lately. Even during my week off from work, I didn’t do a lot of the things I wanted to do around my yard, like digging up the hydrangea near my front porch and replacing it with something that will actually grow in this climate. Curiously, I was looking at getting one of these “Limelight” hydrangeas because I’ve noticed that they are pretty hardy in this part of the world. I have to make sure that I don’t plant it in a place where it will languish in the shadows of its neighbors.

Anyway, I’m excited about the upcoming tenth house transits I’m about to experience. Yesterday, I published a post about Venus’ upcoming ingress into the part of my chart associated with my Capricorn sun sign. Mars won’t occupy my tenth house for nearly as long as Venus because of that planet’s impending retrograde cycle, but it will still be transiting my tenth house for about two months.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a bunch of planets at the top of my chart, and a bunch more moving toward the top of my chart. In some ways, I feel like that old hydrangea in my garden that hasn’t been getting enough sun. Maybe it just needs to be moved into a place where it can thrive. Maybe I just need to find a place in the sun for myself while the astrological weather is favoring my growth and development.

I’m going to keep my mind open regarding a career change. But even if that doesn’t happen, I’m going to keep my open to the idea that I can make the most out of this time of year. I don’t believe that I have to worry about “acting impulsively or from purely egotistical motives,” like the forecast above warns me about. But I do believe that things can only get better (considering all the bullshit I’ve had to endure over the last few months). And if do get worked up while the red planet is transiting my tenth house, I’ve got my gardening to ground me this time of year. The timing couldn’t be better!

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