These Venus squares characterized the past couple of days for me. Thankfully, with Venus moving swiftly through the zodiac at the moment, they were over almost as soon as they began.

Star Struck Style

Tiziano_-_Venere_di_Urbino_-_Google_Art_ProjectVenus of Urbino (source: Wikipedia)

I had a couple of Venus squares occurring in my horoscope yesterday. I was looking into them because Venus is not only my ruling planet, but it’s moving quite slowly at the moment. Aspects that would normally be fleeting are lingering for a few days, providing me with the opportunity to evaluate how they really affect me.

In the last week of May, I’m going to be able to revisit the current configuration that seems to be affecting me on a rather personal level: transiting Venus squaring my near exact Pluto/Chiron opposition. In that retrograde pass, and during the subsequent direct pass that follows in late July when the planet returns to direct motion, I will experience what I’m feeling today at a relatively normal pace.

But yesterday was unusual. I felt these aspects rather acutely. What’s more, I felt as if my entire…

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