Star Struck Style

b0327b14e4514a53b7fc896eb6ab6c89Samantha Fox (source: Last FM)

April 15 is Samantha Fox’s birthday.

When I was fifteen, I became obsessed with British pop culture. I’d buy music magazines that chronicled all the weird trends that collided in the very early eighties. I was into everything London offered, from Adam and the Ants to Soft Cell and The Specials. Music was my introduction into fashion, and fashion was my introduction into genuine self-expression.

Even then, I was sort of full of myself. I knew what was old and what was new. I knew what was trash and what was treasure. By the time Samantha Fox became famous for her so-called “singing” in 1986, I was a fully-developed, twenty-year-old snob who understood that Samantha Fox was the trashiest, least-talented person in pop music. Nevertheless, “Touch Me (I Want Your Body),” spent seven weeks at number one on the charts in Canada.

It alarmed…

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