Weekly Planner (source: pexels.com)

The last couple of weeks have been exasperating for me, but I’m starting to feel as if the planets are finally getting off my back. By the time I get out of bed on Tuesday morning, my chart is going to look completely different than it did just a few days ago.

I suppose that everyone can say that because we’ve all just made it through the most eventful week of the year, astrologically speaking. Nevertheless, I’ve got a couple of big things happening in my chart tomorrow. First, Venus moves into my Karmic eighth house, just a couple of days before it will conjoin Uranus. Hopefully, that’s good news for me considering that both planets are personalized in my horoscope. Just minutes later, Mercury moves into my seventh house where it will almost immediately form a conjunction with transiting Jupiter (which is still within a degree of my descendant). The two planets oppose each other in my natal chart, but the pair are also personalized by house position and the fact that they are in mutual reception to one another. On top of all that, Mars will form a conjunction with my Cancer moon by the end of the week.

I’m not sure that I know what that all means, but I do know that I’m feeling a little more “supported” than I was just a couple of weeks ago. Not only do I have the planets on my side, but I truly feel as if I’ve got most of the people around me on my side. With Jupiter in my seventh house, I can understand why I’m suddenly more optimistic about the relationships that I’ve formed.

That optimism should be contagious in the week ahead as the two aforementioned conjunctions occur. I’m already planning to have a better week, but that shouldn’t be difficult after the last couple of weeks.

Where are these two conjunctions happening in your chart? Are you looking forward to this pair of annual astrological events occurring within days of one another? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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