Star Struck Style

mcqueen-book01Alexander McQueen (source: WWD)

March 17 is Alexander McQueen’s birthday.

I discuss Alexander McQueen a couple of times in “Star Struck Style” because of an unusual layout of specific elements in his natal chart. If his time of birth is listed correctly on, he has both the sun and the moon in Pisces in the fifth house and Leo on his midheaven. Those factors combined to give him a sense of theatricality that was not only evident in the clothing he created, but in the runway shows he produced. He was a showman, plain and simple.

I am intrigued, though, to see that he also had Venus quite closely conjunct to Saturn in his chart. A few months back, I pointed out the same aspect in John Galliano’s chart.

So what else do the two designers have in common? Well, they both demonstrated an attention to detail that…

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