Star Struck Style

niki-taylor-allure-1996-05Niki Taylor (source: Allure)

March 5 is Niki Taylor’s birthday.

I think people forget how big Niki Taylor was. According to her Wikipedia bio, the model appeared on the covers of six major American magazines at once in May 1996: “Allure,” “Vogue,” “ELLE,” “Marie Claire,” “Self” and “Shape.” That’s quite an accomplishment!

Taylor was the money girl of her generation. I remember other models creating more buzz at the time because they were the darlings of the fashion world, but Niki Taylor was the commercial queen. She was everywhere, and she was recognized and revered by men and women alike.

Her only counterpart at the time was Cindy Crawford. Of the big five models of the early nineties (Linda, Christy, Naomi, Tatjana and Cindy), Cindy was the only one doing Pepsi commercials, movie roles and Versace shows. She was a star player on the winning team, and yet…

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