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Just the other day, I made a declaration on this blog that I would find something else to do if I was not able to make my current work situation more tolerable. However, with some major planetary ingresses about to occur, I’ve been biding my time. Transiting Saturn moves into my fifth house next Monday, and four weeks from now, Pluto moves into Aquarius. A couple of days later, transiting Jupiter moves into my seventh house.

I almost forgot about Jupiter exiting my sixth house, but that’s a story for another post. I’ve written about what I can expect when Pluto moves from one sign to another, but I don’t believe that will be something that I will feel so acutely — at least not at first. Saturn’s ingress into my fifth house, on the other hand, should be something that affects me profoundly. For that reason, I decided to see what else the other astrologers have to say about it.

That’s where things got weird! I literally have written my resignation letter in my head in the event that I choose to leave my current job. Instead of composing a diatribe to spell out my grievances, I was just going to write “I have decided to take my talents somewhere else.” When I Googled “Saturn transiting the fifth house,” the first thing that came up was this passage from, a site I reference a lot because of it’s succinct interpretations of astrological events:

“You have to look at what your own talents are and be honest with yourself about them. Don’t deny what you’re good at and let it waste away. For creative types, you may feel uninspired as this transit begins, going through a creative block, and have to find inspiration within yourself.”

I do have talents that are being squandered at my current job because of the roadblocks put in front of me by the current management structure. I could easily make more money somewhere else, and I could easily be less stressed-out somewhere else. It’s time that I admitted that to myself, and it’s time that I put some faith in my talent to adapt to the changes to my routine that may result from a career change.

I’ve been through this before, and I’ll probably go through this again. This time, however, I honestly believe that I have the stars on my side. I’m a Capricorn! I’m not afraid of Saturn’s influence. I know how to make the best out of the ringed planet’s transits.

Now I just have find a stage where I can show the world what I’ve got . . .

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