Sandra Dee (source: Listal)

I published a post a few days ago that declared my new year’s resolution to the universe. The new moon in Capricorn occurred on that day, so I made sure that I was stating my intentions at a time when the stars were on my side. Also, Jupiter had just moved into my solar tenth house. We astrologers often look to Jupiter’s movements through the zodiac when we compose annual horoscopes. The ingress of the planet through the signs provides us with a “theme” that we can relate to our readers. It’s really that simple.

Jupiter will be in Aries until mid-May. That means that the first four-and-a-half months of 2023 will have a specific theme for each sun sign. It also means that the advice I am about to offer may seem a little familiar because Jupiter already spent some time in Aries in 2022. From mid-May to late October, we all got a sneak peek at what the new year would have to offer before the planet of opportunity slipped back into Pisces.

Nevertheless, it’s back in Aries now and today is a day that many of us look to the stars for enlightenment. For that reason, I’ve decided to continue the tradition of coming up with resolutions for each sun sign. It’s nice to have something written down: a tangible record of where you’re supposed to be going in the upcoming year that you can revisit it sometime in the future. So take a moment to write down your own resolution and I’ll try to remember to remind you to evaluate your progress when Jupiter moves into Taurus in May.

Happy new year!

Aries: In 2023, I resolve to focus my energy on whatever is right in front of me.

Taurus: In 2023, I resolve to tie up loose ends before it’s too late.

Gemini: In 2023, I resolve to contribute to the common good and not just what serves me.

Cancer: In 2023, I resolve to work as hard as I expect others to work.

Leo: In 2023, I resolve to open my mind to the idea that I may have been wrong all along.

Virgo: In 2023, I resolve to accept that I am the master of my own fate.

Libra: In 2023, I resolve to reevaluate my relationships with everyone.

Scorpio: In 2023, I resolve to adapt to changes in my routine.

Sagittarius: In 2023, I resolve to be more gracious to everyone I encounter.

Capricorn: In 2023, I resolve to lay the foundation for a more secure future.

Aquarius: In 2023, I resolve to adjust my behavior when the situation warrants a change.

Pisces: In 2023, I resolve to drop at least one bad habit — and maybe more.

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