2023 (source: pexels.com)

My horoscope is terrific right now. Retrograde Mars is trine my natal Mars, making me feel confident and energetic. Transiting Venus is conjunct my natal sun, making me feel even better about my own appearance than I usually do. And if that wasn’t enough, a new moon in Capricorn occurs very early tomorrow morning, making me feel as if I’m going start off this new season on the right foot.

What does that mean? It means I’m going to make this upcoming year my time to focus on a couple of very Capricorn-like endeavors: getting leaner and getting richer.

I’m doing well on both fronts right now without putting in a ton of effort. The stars have been on my side for a while, and I’ve blogged about my slow but steady progress several times already. Nevertheless, I feel as if I need to declare my resolution to the universe on the cusp of this powerful new moon while five planets are in my sign simultaneously.

It’s not just a good time for me, though. A Capricorn new moon is really the ideal time to make your own new year’s resolution. Capricorn represents the sort of discipline that most of associate with our resolutions. So what if there are still a few days left in 2022? So what if you still have a few holiday feasts to attend? So what if it’s so cold outside that you aren’t going to leave your house for a week? Don’t worry about it! You’ve got a whole year ahead of you to get the job done.

Nothing happens quickly when planets transit Capricorn. The old adage “slow and steady wins the race” defines how Capricorn energy manifests itself. So take the time to make your resolution today or tomorrow and then just get to it when you can — even if that means actually waiting for 2023 to arrive. The stars will have us all in the right frame of mind over the next couple of days to focus on goals that are actually achievable. I can’t say the same thing about new year’s day when Venus’ conjunction with Pluto will have us making grand schemes about self-transformation that are far less likely to be realized. Also, Mercury will virtually stuck in the sky on the last day of 2022. That’s never a good time to make a resolution.

So, make tomorrow your power play day and resolve to do something practical in 2023. Even if your horoscope isn’t as blessed as mine is at the moment, there’s not going to be a better day to declare your intentions to the universe for quite some time.

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