Molehills (source: Wikipedia)

I had a rough day at work on Friday. Thankfully, Saturday was much more pleasant. For that reason, I’m not dreading the next three days at work.

Anyway, tomorrow morning’s lunar eclipse in Taurus happens early in the day where I live, so the effects will already be dissipating when I get to work. That’s good for me because I believe that this eclipse might have me making mountains out of molehills. The full moon in my eighth house will be shining a light upon things that I just can’t let go.

I can become obsessed with insignificant matters. Like a Scorpio native, I can hold a grudge forever. This is the sort of full moon that is going to illuminate that part of my character. With three planets currently transiting my second house of self-worth and possessions, any threats to those things will likely be amplified. I’m going to need to be sure that I don’t overreact to perceived threats. The danger with having a lunar eclipse occurring in my eighth house is that I may create a legacy with my behavior. I don’t want to do something stupid or offensive that people associate with me for the rest of my life.

So, I’m going to resolve to keep it together. Even on Friday when everything was falling apart, I kept my cool and put on a performance that made me proud. That needs to be the case again for the next couple of days. And when this is all over, I’ve got an extra day off because of the Remembrance Day holiday in Canada on Friday. Soon . . .

Where does this full-moon eclipse occur in your chart? Are you worried about losing your cool? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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