Michelle Visage (source: Pink News)

The sun enters Virgo this evening.

I believe that I put out Virgo vibes. Anyone who knows me probably believes that, too. I’m remarkably thorough, a good communicator, organized, a little picky and rather meticulous about my appearance. I’m a natural-born critic, too, but I chalk that up to my fair and balanced Libra rising more than a desire to let my opinion be known.

For what it’s worth, I was born during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the mid-1960s. I’ve also got progressed Mercury in my sixth house. Both of those factors contribute Virgo-like traits to my character.

Anyway, I’m on the cusp of getting a new job. I really want to bring some Virgo energy to my place of work (like Michelle Visage brings to “RuPaul’s Drag Race”), so this “Café Astrology” daily overview really resonates with me right now:

“Tonight, the Sun enters Virgo and will stay in the sign until September 22nd. Our focus shifts to the puzzle pieces — the details of our lives. It’s now time to take care of practical concerns. Attending to the details of daily living can free us from the unnecessary stress that results from ‘collecting’ odds and ends of unfinished business. It’s an ideal cycle to get organized, do detail work, and improve connections and communications on the job. Rediscovering the joy of our work, services, chores, and routines can be in focus in the month ahead.”

I am a little concerned that transiting Mercury simultaneously enters my twelfth house this evening. That can be a flaky placement for the planet that rules over Virgo, but it can also be the one thing that keeps me from going over-the-top if I am afforded the opportunity to become my own boss at work. It might allow me to soften my approach to reorganizing my department. I can gradually tear things down in order to rebuild them in more structurally-sound manner. I can be a know-it-all, and this planetary position might be the one thing that keeps me from rubbing people the wrong way (like Michelle Visage does on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”).

I’ll know about my new job by the end of the week. Curiously, two of the people I will be answering to in this position have Virgo sun signs. Hopefully, they see a little of themselves in me and my Virgo-like character. We’re cut from the same cloth, even if mine was cut on the bias . . .

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