Cher (source: Wikipedia)

I didn’t publish a blog post yesterday. It was a holiday in Canada and I had the day off to do nothing, so I took the opportunity to do almost nothing.

That hasn’t happened much over the last few weeks. I’ve been super diligent with both Mercury and the sun transiting my tenth house. I suppose that’s why it all caught up with me on this long weekend. I needed a break and I took one.

Anyway, Mercury is traveling well ahead of the sun at the moment. Tomorrow it will enter my eleventh house. I like when Mercury and the Venus are flanking the sun and all three heavenly bodies are spread out over three different houses in my horoscope. It reflects the layout of my natal chart and it appeals to my Jack-of-all-trades nature. I don’t feel as if I am hyper-focused on anything in particular, and that is a good place for me to be psychologically. I don’t feel comfortable when these three swift-moving planets gang up in certain parts of my chart.

“Café Astrology” offers an encouraging interpretation of Mercury’s ingress through the eleventh house:

“Your mind is bright, alert, and active during this cycle, and you have the ability to come up with unusual and inventive ideas. Sharing your thoughts with others is a prime interest. Others tend to particularly enjoy your conversations during this transit — you are willing to listen as well as add your own thoughts. As well, your ability to grasp unusual subject matter and to intuitively understand what others are trying to say win you some brownie points! You could also do a lot of thinking and musing about your own happiness and long-term goals.”

I have been happy to share my thoughts on this blog for quite some time. I haven’t had any long lapses where I fail to post any content for a few years now. However, I haven’t been eager to promote my so-called “brand” for a while. To be honest, I haven’t been very sociable for a while either. Maybe that will change with Mercury moving into my eleventh house. You know, Cher has both the sun and Mercury in the eleventh house of her horoscope. Perhaps I just need to be more like Cher for the next couple of weeks. I’m sure that’s what this passage is trying to tell me.

The stars have spoken! I’d be a fool not to listen to them . . .

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