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I have my natal moon in Cancer. Not only that, the moon is the most-elevated planet in my chart. For that reason, I should probably give off Cancer vibes a lot more than I do.

So why don’t I give everyone the impression that I’m a Cancer? That is probably because I’m more like a hermit crab. I’ve chosen to inhabit an exterior that doesn’t leave me feeling vulnerable. I believe that a lot of people with prominent Cancer placements in their horoscopes behave in this manner. We’re protective by nature and not nearly as emotionally demonstrative as many astrologers make us out to be. I’m not the oversensitive, blubbering mess described in so many of the astrology books I’ve read over the course of my lifetime.

But I am instinctive like a Cancer. When I’m in crisis-mode, my survival mechanisms kick in. The only thing that goes through my head is the notion that I have to “get things done.” I become the opposite of vulnerable: strong-willed and completely unsentimental.

I’m happy with this facet of my character. I only wish that I was a little less defensive when things don’t go my way. Initially, I put my guard up when I don’t get what I want. I’ve been working hard on fixing that over the past couple of years. I’m learning to take a deep breath when I don’t get the response I want from other people. While it is in my cardinal nature to expect to move from point A to point B without any resistance (my sun, moon and ascendant are all situated in cardinal signs), my Cancer moon allows me to walk sideways around any obstacles in my path. I’m learning to rely upon that talent more and more every day.

And even though I’m learning to live with my Cancer moon, I’m still not eager to show it off to the world. I’m going to continue to give off Capricorn/Libra vibes because I’d rather wear my sun sign and rising sign on my sleeve. So, if I don’t talk about my natal moon in Cancer as much as the other planets in my chart, it’s because I’d prefer to keep a few things to myself.

Now that seems like a very Cancer-like thing to say!

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