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Well, I just finished a week off from work. I’m well rested and eager to do something else besides what I’ve been doing all week long. I love working in my garden, but I’m sore. Also, the tree pollen is everywhere right now. I need it to rain for a week to wash it all away so that my immune system can stop working overtime.

Anyway, Saturn has just gone retrograde in my fourth house. I’m typically quite content during Saturn’s retrograde phases because I can handle the snail-like pace that drives everyone else crazy. It brings out the Capricorn in me. What’s more, my progressed sun is only 9″ away from conjoining my natal Saturn. “Café Astrology” defines the aspect as follows:

“This aspect in the progressed chart will nag you to turn your attention to your duties and your responsibilities: things you may not want to do, but feel you must. These duties can be more imagined than real, but they often are very intense. One measure of the mastery of life is to be able to recognize reality, and this is a good time to begin to disseminate. What you accomplish under this progression could be of lasting benefit when you follow the illumination of the sun and the discipline of Saturn. This is an excellent time for organization and planning, to promote form and order. Just don’t let it extend to the point of trying to order and organize people — you could meet resistance. Your energy may be low, so you will need to conserve it by careful planning and doing only what is necessary. You will feel pressure from any necessary tasks you leave undone during this period. This may not be an emotionally comfortable aspect when it comes to relating to people, but don’t dwell on feelings of loneliness and depression. Get to work — that is what this energy is all about.”

None of this sounds bad to me except for the warning that my “energy may be low.” I can actually feel that right now, but I attribute that more to my sore joints and my seasonal allergies.

What’s really interesting to me is that I actually predicted all of this for myself two years ago in another blog post. Every now and then, I actually take the time to delve into my long-term forecast. I would make a habit of it, but I don’t like to get too far ahead of myself. Nevertheless, almost all of my posts regarding my career prospects have been accurate, except for the ones where I allowed Jupiter’s promises to blow smoke up my ass. I should just start ignoring the gaseous giant altogether.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to work. The stars have spoken!

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