Saturn (source: Wikipedia)

Saturn is virtually stuck in the sky right now. The ringed planet doesn’t turn retrograde for a few more days, but it’s not moving more than a minute in the meantime, so it might as well be moving backward.

This retrograde phase is occurring in my fourth house. Curiously, I took the week off work just to hang around my house in order to catch up on my housework and yardwork. What I do now will allow me to get some rest and relaxation in the future because I won’t be spending every day off from work scrambling to catch up with my chores. Of course, I’m a Capricorn who feels Saturn’s movements through the zodiac rather instinctively. For that reason, I budget my time better than almost anyone I know.

Saturn’s retrograde cycle will take it from 25° Aquarius to about 18° this coming October when it turns direct. It won’t leave its retrograde shadow until late January 2023. It’s next retrograde cycle will occur entirely in the sign of Pisces.

Things to think about during this months-long phase include time, productivity and working within existing systems. Revisit plans and figure out how to reconfigure processes in order to make them work more efficiently in the future. Not every step backward needs to be viewed as a failure, but rather as a chance to take two steps forward.

Saturn’s retrograde also coincides with Mercury’s return to direct motion this week, so it’s unlikely that a clear path forward will emerge for any of us until both of these planet get moving again. At the same time, Mars just entered Aries where it conjoins Jupiter today, making many of us eager for action. Good luck with that considering everything else that is going on in the sky. Also, Saturn’s station is almost exactly semi-sextile to Neptune, making sober reflection a big part of this scenario. Frustration is building because our problems aren’t going away, and we mostly have ourselves to blame for our current circumstances.

On the bright side, I’m feeling terrific! Did I mention that I have a week off from work?

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