Fish and Chips (source: The Independent)

The new moon in Pisces arrives this morning where I live.

This should be a consequential event for me. Both my natal Saturn and my progressed sun inhabit the same degree of the zodiac where this new moon occurs. However, I am concerned that today might just be a repeat of yesterday. While I was at work, everyone seemed so fucking needy that I was ready to just walk out the door. I suppose my Capricorn competence combined with the sun shining on my natal Saturn has made me into a beacon of capability at a moment when people just want to feel grounded. Still, it’s exhausting dealing with people who don’t want to do anything for themselves. I really don’t want to have to deal with it again today.

Maybe I won’t have to deal with it. Wednesdays are typically a slower day at work, so perhaps I’ll be able to feel as if I’m not being assaulted with other people’s problems.

I would like to use this new moon in my fifth house to focus upon the creativity that has been absent in my life since the pandemic began. While I’m still going to be stuck in a cycle of self-reflection for a few more weeks with so much action in my fourth house, I can see that I’m about to enter a period where the urge to express myself will be in the spotlight. I’m partly there with a few planets transiting the fishy sign of Pisces, but I’ve still got a few more planets holding me back, never mind the people who rely upon me to do their jobs for them.

It does make me want to escape. Curiously, Pisces is the sign of escapism, and this is typically the time of the year that I visit Las Vegas. When I went looking for a photo of two fishes to illustrate this Pisces-themed post, I settled upon this image of fish and chips because I was reminded that I haven’t eaten a french fry since I was in Vegas last October. Maybe I just need to get out of my house more often. Maybe I just need to eat some french fries. I’d almost be satisfied if that was the only thing I accomplished in the wake of this new moon.

Still, I am going to resolve to work a little harder on my creative sidelines now that this new moon is shining a light on my natal Saturn. Some transits to Saturn can be like a wet-blanket on my sense of self-expression, but they can also be like a voice in my head that tells me when it is time to get to work. Perhaps it’s time to start working for myself again instead of working for a bunch of big babies who don’t want to do anything for themselves.

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