Home (source: Real Estate Magazine)

Here’s a photo of a home. It’s not my home, but it’s a home to someone.

Anyway, my house has become a home again this morning now that the pandemic-related work-from-home restrictions are being lifted. For the last couple of years, I feel as if I have been tiptoeing around someone else’s home office. Finally, I can spend some time actually enjoying myself in my own abode.

Curiously, this is happening on a day when I have six planets transiting my fourth house. Something was bound to change with the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto all moving through the same sector of my chart simultaneously, and it is no coincidence that I’m suddenly getting my living space back. Maybe I’ll actually sit down at the computer long enough to write something now. Stranger things have happened!

Just the other day, I asked where all these planets are ganging up in your chart. I’d still love to hear from some of you. This is an interesting time, astrologically-speaking. Figuring out how this stellium is affecting others will only make me a better astrologer, so let me know how you’re doing in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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