Venus and Mars (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Next weekend should be a consequential time in our lives. In the midst of the current crisis in Europe, Venus and Mars will simultaneously enter Aquarius and conjoin the degree where the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn occurred on December 21, 2020.

I’ve been reading all kinds of interpretations of what has happened so far in Ukraine, including a few about how Mars has “overtaken” Venus, but none of those opinions made me believe that the anyone actually predicted this conflict. If there is anything I loathe about astrology in general, it is the “astrological post-mortem” that explains an event after it happens.

For that reason, I’m going to predict something. The Great Conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius was interpreted by many of us the dawn of a new age where people would have to learn to get along in the spirit of the eleventh sign of the zodiac. That was a rosy outlook, but most interpretations of Aquarius are quite rosy. I have a different take on the sign that I discuss in the Aquarius chapter of “Star Struck Style.” I’ve included that passage below:

“Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer: a mythological figure carrying an overflowing vessel on his shoulders. The constellation Aquarius represents a particular character from mythology: a boy named Ganymede. Ganymede was the loveliest of all mortals. For that reason, he was summoned to Mount Olympus by Zeus where he became the cup-bearer to the gods. Many astrologers have attempted to use the myth of Ganymede to connect your zodiac sign with the notion of service and self-sacrifice. However, there are two common variations of the same story. One claims that Ganymede grew weary of being a servant and impetuously poured out the water he was obliged to bear, causing massive floods on earth. The other contends that Ganymede charitably gave humanity the water of the gods because they needed it. Of course, these two versions of the myth represent exactly what I discussed in the previous section: depending upon your cosmic makeup, you can just as easily be one thing or the other. Attempting to idealize you as a paradigm of godlike Aquarius perfection is foolish when you are just a mere mortal like Ganymede himself, subject to the same impulses as the rest of us.”

I’m both delighted that the world has had enough of the people in power who are making last-ditch power grabs (like Vladimir Putin and the idiotic American right-wing that has funded the recent protests in Canada), but also terrified to find out just what they’ll do to stay in power. That makes me wonder about the immediate future and what it means to have this very rare astrological event happening on a degree where another major planetary alignment recently occurred.

I want to believe that everything is going to work out for the best. Canada told the people financing the so-called “Freedom Convoy” to go fuck themselves and froze their assets. The world is doing the same thing to Putin and his cronies. They are either going to take a step back and give the power back to the people, or they are going to behave like spoiled children and cause mass destruction. It’s no coincidence that the American assholes who funded the trucker’s protest have more events planned in the US this coming weekend to distract us from what is really going on in the world.

People are standing up for themselves and speaking truth to power against the ultra-rich who believe that they can act like gods that walk amongst us. I’m just not so sure that someone like Putin won’t drop a bomb or two on his way out the door when he realizes that the jig is up. The same thing goes for all the Americans on his payroll whose political careers have been funded with dark money that has been spent to support his authoritarian agenda.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Sabian Symbols and their importance in astrology, but I might become a little more convinced of their relevance if we get out of this week mostly-unscathed. The symbol for the first degree of Aquarius is “an old adobe mission” that corresponds to “building structures of survival with your group.” If people around the world are ready to build these structures by speaking truth to power and rebelling against the oligarchs who have bought our governments, that would be a logical outcome of these planetary alignments. However, it would also make sense if things took a major turn for the worse before they got better.

I’m going to hope for the best. I really do believe in my heart that we’re on the other side of the age of Trump, Putin, and anyone else who would fuck over humanity just because they could.

How do you believe this will all work out?

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