I stand by this four-year-old post. The age of social media thirst is coming to an end.

Star Struck Style

_GUC0760Gucci F/W 2018 (source: Vogue)

I talk about Gucci a lot in my new book. When I wrote my first book, “Cosmically Chic,” I assigned Gucci to Capricorn. That was because Tom Ford was still in charge at the Italian label. In “Star Struck Style,” I assign Tom Ford to Capricorn and Gucci to Pisces.

Of course, Alessandro Michele’s radical reinvention of the storied Italian brand is the reason for this cosmic shift. Tom Ford’s Gucci was sexy, witty and made for grown-ups. Alessandro Michele’s Gucci is courting another customer altogether.

In the vogue.com review of yesterday’s Gucci show in Milan, Sarah Mower described the runway like this:

“A procession of transhumans, walking in trancelike step through a suite of operating theaters: Bolted together from the clothing of many cultures, they were Alessandro Michele’s metaphor for how people today construct their identities — a population undergoing self-regeneration through the…

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