I love looking back at a post I wrote years ago and being completely satisfied with every word I committed to the page.

Star Struck Style

patti-smith-main-xlargePatti Smith (source: The Telegraph)

December 30 is Patti Smith’s birthday.

Yesterday, I posed the question “Why are there so many cool, old Capricorn broads?”

I don’t want anyone to get offended because I used the word “broads” to describe these women. I’m from a generation where I would regularly watch old movies on TV because there was nothing else to watch. You would hear tough guys in these films calling tough women “broads.” Sure, they used it in a pejorative sense most of the time, but most of those broads ended up being the characters I admired the most. I mean who doesn’t like Mildred Pierce, or Margo Channing, or Auntie Mame?

Anyway, I believe that Capricorn women are more likely to grow up to be the sort of no-nonsense broads that I idolized in those movies when I was a kid. They’re tough, resilient, and they learn…

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