Venus and Mercury (source: Wikimedia)

Mercury and retrograde Venus switch houses in my chart tomorrow. For a brief moment, both will be in my fourth house, but then Venus backtracks into the third where it will remain until late February.

I’m kind of thrilled about this switcheroo. The last thing I need right now is to have a pile-up of planets in my fourth house. The weather is horrible where I live, and I’m already feeling housebound. With one of the two planets remaining in my the part of my chart associated with short trips and communication, perhaps I won’t be feeling oppressed by the cold winter and the short daylight hours.

That’s a fairly optimistic outlook. Right now, both of those planets are in the houses where they reside in my horoscope. Maybe I’ll feel out-of-sorts if they switch house positions — who knows?

I’m going to pay attention to these current planetary placements. Physically, I’ve been feeling terrific since the sun, Mercury and Venus all moved into the houses where they were situated on the day I was born. With this change, I’ll be in uncharted territory for a while. My hope for the immediate future is that I’ll feel more eager to get out of my house, despite the cold weather. I’ve been avoiding public places throughout the holiday season because the city where I live attracts a lot of tourists from rural areas this time of year. I don’t want to be in crowds in the middle of a pandemic, and I especially don’t want to be around the unvaccinated yokels that populate much of the province where I live.

With Venus returning to my third house, I can see myself finding more pleasure in getting out and about. I hope that’s the case, yet with Mercury moving into the fourth, maybe nothing will change. I guess I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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