Elvis (source: People Magazine)

The sun moves into Capricorn in just over a day from now, joining Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the sign.

It’s probably no coincidence that I woke up this morning thinking about Las Vegas. To a Capricorn like me, Las Vegas exemplifies the kitsch and camp that I associate with my own sun sign. There’s no other place in the world that I would rather be than in the city that I associate with my fellow Capricorn, Elvis Presley.

For that reason, it’s probably a good time for me to start saving up for another trip. I don’t see any major expenses on the horizon, so I might as well plan to resurrect my vacation savings account.

I’m going to make that a priority as 2022 begins. I don’t really want to be on a budget right now, but I don’t have anything else to spend my money, anyway. What’s more, the new moon in Capricorn on January 2 occurs in my third house almost exactly sextile my natal Saturn, indicating that it’s a perfect time to start saving money for a short trip.

I’m not sure when I’m going, but I’ll have plenty of time to figure that out now that Capricorn season is here. But first, I need to lay down the foundation for my vacation like the surefooted goat I am. If that means pinching my pennies for a few months until I’ve saved up a small fortune, I can live with that.

Now I just need the COVID-19 variants to cooperate . . .

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