Island (source: Britannica)

I was having a rather unusual morning, wondering if the sun’s ingress into my eleventh house this weekend would make me feel more eager to relate to others; I’ve been feeling quite insular again now that Jupiter has rejoined Saturn and Pluto in my fourth house. Just the other day, I reblogged a post called “Detachment” that chronicled how I feel sometimes when planets travel through my eleventh house. Curiously, I addressed the idea of trolling people on the internet in that post.

So, it’s quite strange that I had these things on my mind when Debbie Gibson decided to troll me in the comments section. I made a goofy joke on the Twitter page of “People” magazine and Gibson herself took it the wrong way. To be honest, her response to my Tweet was so passive/aggressive that it made me pull up her natal chart to check out which planets she has in Libra. I know my astrologer friends will understand that!

I could have responded to her, but I don’t believe that would have been a good idea. I can tell that her response came from a place of insecurity, so I decided not be the troll in the comments section that I loathe so much. There’s a big difference between being a smart-assed fan making a harmless joke and a jerk who goes out of his way to start a fight.

I might be feeling insular now, but I do know that no man is an island — not even me. I don’t need to be the reason someone has a bad day by starting a fight online over a simple joke. I also don’t need to get the last word in the conversation in order to feel like I’ve won the argument. Instead, I’ll cultivate the better part of my Libra rising sign and call it even. Neither me nor Debbie Gibson have anything to gain by dragging this out.

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