100 (source: BBC)

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the 100-day countdown to my vacation. I can’t wait to go away! Unless fate throws a wrench in my plans again, I’ll be headed to Las Vegas to meet up with the same friends I was supposed to meet there the week the world shut down in 2020.

I really need a break. Last week, I went to Costco where there were no more capacity restrictions and no more mandatory masking guidelines. It felt like such a luxury just to walk around in the real world again! Maybe this week I’ll go to the mall and have lunch in the food court. Now that’s what I call living!

Between now and October 24, I’m going to try to live my best Capricorn life. I’ve currently got the sun, Venus and Mars in my tenth house, so self-discipline should come easy to me. I do need to keep up my workout routine. I need to continue to save up some spending money. I also need to avoid procrastination at all costs. Procrastination is antithetical to my Capricorn nature.

If I can keep up the good work I’ve been doing, I’ll really be able to enjoy myself. Lately, the only fun I’ve been able to have has come while I’ve been watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “The Real Housewives.” I guess I should be glad that I had something to keep me going during the pandemic.

Anyway, with the countdown beginning tomorrow, I’m going to resolve to keep scaling this mountain I’ve been staring at for the last several months. As I’ve mentioned a million times on this blog already, after hitting rock bottom in 2020, the only way for this goat to go is up.

I’ve got a good feeling about the rest of this year! How is your 2021 so far?

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