Trump Rally (source:

I get excited when people leave comments on my blog. However, today I woke up to find a comment on one of my more popular posts that mentioned something about Donald Trump being treated unfairly by the media.

By simply scrolling through a few posts, the person who left the comment would understand that this isn’t the place to argue a pro-Trump position. I believe that Donald Trump is pure trash and the worst human being to walk the earth in my lifetime. Nothing will ever make me believe otherwise. And don’t even get me started about the people who show up at his rallies!

I could have argued with the person who left the post, but I just deleted it. Long ago, I resolved not to feed the trolls on social media. I’ve adopted a similar approach on this blog. That’s why I moderate the comments section.

Like most blogs, this is vanity project, and if control every aspect of it to make myself feel good about what is posted here, that’s my prerogative. While I do appreciate the engagement when people post comments, I wish that they would “read the room” before they let me know what they think. I also delete plenty of comments from people who don’t know how to take a joke because they don’t bother to scroll through enough posts to understand my tone and my sense of humor.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my astrology blog. Maybe next time you won’t try to change my mind about something while Mars, Saturn and Uranus are forming a T-square.

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