Monét X Change (source: Twitter)

I’m still not sure that Monét X Change is a Pisces because I don’t know her time of birth. However, the thing that made me believe that she’s a Pisces is the fact that she made a sponge dress during a design challenge.

Pisces is the sign that “sops it up,” so to speak. For that reason, I can’t imagine any other Pisces queen doing anything more in character with their zodiac sign, and that includes a couple of Pisces queens dressing up in fishy couture for a zodiac runway extravaganza.

I still look forward to the day that Monét stumbles across one of these posts and confirms her time of birth so that I can put this issue to rest. In the meantime, I’m just going to believe what I want to believe, just like the time that Monét made a gown of sponges and — in true Pisces style — deluded herself into believing that she had won the challenge.

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