Glamour Magazine (source: Glamour)

I just realized that tomorrow’s new moon in my eighth house of “transformation” is in an almost-exact opposition to my natal Neptune.

I was thinking that I might make an appointment at my bank to try to reorganize and consolidate some of the debt that I’ve accrued over the last few years. My credit score is good, so I shouldn’t be intimidated by the idea of discussing my debt load with someone. However, I just read this passage on “Cafe Astrology” that offers a warning about that sort of thing:

“It’s easy to get lost in fantasy at this time, as you feel somewhat without direction and less able to face everyday realities. Your willpower is low as you tend to stray from your goals and temporarily lose focus. It’s difficult to formulate — or stick to — clear goals during this transit. Attracting unusual, confusing, or even disturbing situations is likely due to an inner need for more glamour in your life. Misconceptions abound. This is not a good time for any financial undertaking or formal agreement, so plan accordingly.”

So, I’m going to hang on for a while. I’m not having a problem paying my bills: I’d just like them to go away sooner rather than later. Instead, I’m going focus on my “inner need for more glamour” in my life. I’m really feeling Jupiter’s recent ingress into my glamorous fifth house!

In the meantime, I’m going to look ahead for a more auspicious time to reorganize my finances. I’ll use this eighth house new moon to work on my physical transformation instead since I’ve had more energy to work out lately. Plus, I’ll never be on the cover of “Glamor” magazine with this quarantine gut . . .

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