The Astrology Issue (source: Vogue Italia)

Until a moment ago, I wasn’t sure I if I was even going to address the current issue of “Vogue Italia.” Finally, a fashion magazine decided to devote an issue to “fashion astrology,” and their editors didn’t bother to consult me. I’m the only person in the whole world who has ever sold a fashion astrology book to a major publisher. When I use the title “The World’s Foremost Expert on Astrological Style,” it is because I have earned it. I’ve got more than twenty years of experience specializing in a discipline that might not even exist if it wasn’t for me and the ground I broke with fashion magazines at the beginning of this century. I’ve even been a columnist for “Teen Vogue” and I’ve collaborated on both fashion astrology layouts and related astrology articles for other Condé Nast titles.

But I can’t be upset with a magazine from another country that publishes in a language other than English for not knowing who I am. That’s on me. I’ve just become so exhausted with trying to get people in the fashion business to heed my expertise instead of listening to the noise created on social media by the thousands of shitty astrologers who collect followers by regurgitating the words of people like me: the actual content creators. I’ve been ripped off so many times that it barely registers with me anymore.

I also can’t be upset that people don’t look to me for fashion advice when I barely publish any posts about fashion astrology lately. I’ve always had an attention span that is all over the place, so if my focus hasn’t been on style, that’s on me, too.

Anyway, Jupiter entered my fifth house two days ago. After going through a very introspective phase of my life, I’m already feeling a lot more “out there” than I’ve felt in ages. Maybe it’s time for me to work a little harder to ensure that I am the only name that these editors consider when they embark upon a project like this. It’s not as if don’t have the time while I’m waiting for the world to open back up again.

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