When I wrote this post a year ago, I included the line “Now compare that to someone like Piers Morgan who almost always has the wrong thing to say.” How prophetic was that?

Star Struck Style

unnamedTodrick Hall (source: AOTY)

April 4 is Todrick Hall’s birthday.

Todrick Hall is an Aries’ Aries. He has his natal sun, Mercury and Venus all in the same sign. What makes this even more remarkable is that those three planets are within a degree of one another in Hall’s horoscope.

I make a lot of fun of Aries natives on this blog because I am as unlike them astrologically as I could be. For that reason, I’m surprised that I like Todrick Hall as much as I do: my natal sun in Capricorn and my Libra ascendant both form squares to the aforementioned Aries stellium.

But liking someone on TV and liking them in real life are two different things. I find that I’m annoyed by most Aries natives because of their lack of discretion. I work very hard to not say the first thing that comes to my…

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