Look what is about to recur at the same time as I am about to return to work! I wonder who I’ll throw out of my office this time?

Star Struck Style

51O6opC0doL._SX380_BO1,204,203,200_Miss Manners (source: Amazon)

So, yesterday I blogged about the Venus/Pluto and Venus/Uranus oppositions that were occurring in my chart. What I didn’t mention was that Venus was also about to form a conjunction with my natal Chiron.

The one thing that characterized the day more than anything else was the moment that I asked one of my coworkers to get out of my office because I refused to deal with her rude, obnoxious behavior. It takes a lot to get me to my breaking point, but I had it — officially!

I know that I can be defensive (my natal moon is in Cancer), but I also know that I can be exceedingly diplomatic and polite (my ascendant is in Libra). What’s more, with Venus ruling over my ascendant, it can make me feel the short-lived transits of that planet rather acutely. In this case, I thought that…

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