Taylor Swift (source: NME)

The last month has been quite eventful for me. I went back to work after almost seven months off. I got back into a routine that makes me feel as if I’m not just sitting around waiting for the days to end. And I made it to the final act of the Trump Era without jumping off a bridge or stepping in front of a speeding train. I’m proud of myself!

Astrologically, the worst is yet to come as the aspects that have made 2020 rough on me are about to peak in a week from now, but I’m confident that if anything else bad happens before the end of the year, I can just shake it off.

What’s interesting is that a couple of good things have happened to me already. I don’t want to go into details because I feel as if I could jinx myself, but I can see a clear path ahead of me right now. I often compare the cardinal quality in astrology to a direct path between point A and point B. With the three most important planets in my horoscope all in the cardinal signs over which they rule this morning, I’m not at all surprised that my direction seems so obvious.

Last month, I published a post where I noted that I had a bad feeling about being called back to work while COVID-19 numbers are rising in the province where I live. I still believe that another lockdown may be imminent, but now I have a good feeling about how I will handle the crisis if it arises. In fact, I’ve got a good feeling about how I’ll handle anything and everything that comes my way.

It’s quite fortuitous that I chose the photo of Taylor Swift that I posted above without noticing the significance of her “1989” shirt and jacket until now. Saturn was in Capricorn in 1989, right at the bottom of my chart when I went through a similar phase of my life, feeling broke and underemployed, yet hopeful that the choices I was making were about to make my life a lot more enjoyable.

It’s a full-circle moment that I didn’t even realize until now. It gives me even more confidence that things are about to go my way.


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