Hank Scorpio (source: Bandcamp)

The sun enters Scorpio early this evening where I live.

I’m a big fan of this time of year for many reasons, but mostly because I always have planets transiting my first house in autumn. That sector of my chart is roughly divided into the last half of Libra and the first half of Scorpio. I feel a boost of self-confidence as this scenario recurs every year, like I can rule the world.

Speaking of ruling the world, I don’t know if Hank Scorpio from “The Simpsons” has a Scorpio sun sign, but it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that he does. Just look at the image of him that I posted above. Burning the house down on your way out the door is nothing out of the ordinary for most Scorpio natives.

But back to me! Mercury is also transiting my first house at the moment, which is providing me with increased confidence in my ability to communicate with others — even though the planet is retrograde. While I was reading through a few blog post that I published on this day in previous years, I was exceptionally pleased with what I wrote.

Venus joins Mercury in my first house just as Mercury reenters Scorpio on November 11. The sun will have moved into my second house about a week before that, but I’m confident that I’ll still be feeling fine. Venus actually enters Libra in six days from now close to the same time that Mercury backtracks into the sign as it nears the end of its retrograde phase.

So, if everything keeps moving along like this, I’m going to have a pretty good Scorpio season. Still, as I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve got a bad feeling about COVID-related closures messing up my plans to end this crappy year on high note. At the moment, however, I’m feeling as if I can handle whatever comes my way, like Hank Scorpio.

It’s nice to feel as if the planets are finally on my side.

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