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I have a lot of respect for many of my fellow astrologers who use whole sign houses in their astrological practice. Still, I’ve been around for a while and I can’t imagine using a format different than Placidus system of house division because it has proven itself to me over and over again.

And how have I done that? By observing celestial events like new moon cycles. This September’s new moon, for instance, will occur in my eleventh house. Yesterday’s post on this blog describes how I have already crafted a “resolution” to welcome this new phase. What I didn’t mention is that the October new moon skips over to my first house because my twelfth house is a little smaller than the 30° wedge used in systems that divide the houses equally.

Neither of these new moons has actually occurred yet. Still, for months now I have been publishing posts about how I would be ready to get going this autumn after feeling like I’ve been spinning my wheels for months. Did I intuitively recognize that I would be skipping over a twelfth-house new moon phase? Did I know that I wasn’t going to have to deal with this traditionally inward-looking period that I would typically have to endure in almost any other year?

Maybe I did. After all, I’ve been bragging about how much more empowered and optimistic I’ve been feeling lately — as if I can see a glimmer of hope on the horizon after a pretty shitty year where almost nothing has gone as planned. Sure, I knew that all these retrograde planets lingering in my sign would be returning to direct motion, and I even wrote horoscopes for Capricorns that predicted a corresponding upswing. But this feels different to me. In summertime, I was resolving to be more inward-looking in order to figure out both where I was coming from and where I was going. Suddenly, I feel as if I’ve succeeded and I don’t need to spend any more time withdrawing from society in general.

Withdrawing is sort of theme for the twelfth-house new moon, so it’s interesting to see that I’ve already declared that I’m no longer interested in taking a step back. Until yesterday afternoon, I didn’t even realize that October’s new moon would be in my first house. I didn’t look far enough ahead into my own horoscope to know that I would be advising myself not to bother to withdrawal.

I’ll see how this all plays out over the next few weeks, but once again I feel as if my faith in the Placidus house system has not been misplaced. Paying attention to these things as they occur (and compiling a diary of cosmic events on this blog), has provided me with unwavering confidence in my beliefs. After more than thirty years of practicing astrology, I can’t imagine using any other system now.

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