Swing Out Sister (source: YouTube)

Yesterday, while I was working in my garden, I couldn’t get the horrible eighties song “Breakout” by Swing Out Sister out of my head. It was driving me nuts.

I hated the song when it first came out. The vocals were so flat that I even someone like me with no musical talent could probably put together a more-melodious track. I didn’t understand how it became a hit back then, and I don’t understand why I still hear it in elevators and grocery stores today.

Anyway, on the topic of breakouts, that’s kind of a theme in my life right now with near-stationary Jupiter squaring my ascendant for essentially the entire month of September. I’ve been writing blog posts about how I’m beginning to feel a little more optimistic about my future now that all the retrograde planets in Capricorn are preparing to move forward. Still, nothing seems to be happening quickly enough for me and it’s starting to drive me nuts. Despite any progress I’ve made regarding personal issues during the COVID-19 lockdowns, I feels as I need to break out of the rut I’m in professionally.

The worst thing about having a stellium form in Capricorn over the past couple of years is that it has dulled my passion for everything. I’ve had such a difficult time getting excited over anything, especially with Pluto conjoining my IC. What’s interesting to me is that this Jupiter square is sometimes interpreted as a force for positive change: a break from routine. “Cafe Astrology” describes it a “time when job and family take up most of your time. You may find that friends and many personal interests fall by the wayside. This marks a time when your whole life path may be redefined and see you heading in a new career direction.” The interpretation goes on to mention that someone “is likely to offer you a very promising opportunity at this time, or you may have an offer for someone else that you think will be mutually beneficial.”

I hope so! What I wouldn’t do for a lucky break right now that made me feel as if I wasn’t destined to spend the rest of the year watching the clock. 2020 has been just been so painfully dull for me. It’s like I’ve been listening to Swing Out Sister on a fucking loop for the last six months.

Anyway, I hope that the positive spin that “Cafe Astrology” puts on this transit proves to be an accurate prediction of what my future holds. I’m craving “a new direction.”

Oh, great! Now I’m going to have “What Makes You Beautiful” running through my head. What have I done?

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